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How Do Water Restoration Companies Locate Mendham Water Damage?

1/24/2022 (Permalink)

water soaking toys in a bedroom on shelf Let SERVPRO salvage your kids' toys after a water damaging incident in your Mendham home. "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Uses Experience and Advanced Equipment Against Mendham Water Damage

Water damage within a Mendham home is not a situation that should rely on visuals. Once water enters a property via a burst pipe, sewer backup, or floodwater, it flows along the path of least resistance and rapidly seeps underflooring and wicks into walls. It is impossible to look at a vanity or kitchen cabinet and know the amount of water (if any) that has collected underneath.

Professional water restoration companies in Mendham, such as SERVPRO, rely on their training, experience, and multiple detection devices to determine the true scope of the cleanup area. The main focus is making sure the property owner is informed and understands what the techs are doing during each phase of the water mitigation service.

  • The service starts with scoping
  • Determining the water category and applying appropriate measures
  • Safety check to confirm the structure is sound

Basic Scoping Techniques

The technicians move rapidly around the structure and use their training for visual assessment and professional equipment such as infrared cameras, probes, and moisture meters. This beginning of the service quickly determines the areas of the property that need addressing first. If any sites need temporary repairs, those get done at this time.

Water Types and Categories

The technicians determine the source of the water damage and assign a category. For example, water from a pipe under a kitchen sink is not as hazardous as a sewage backup in the home, which spills contaminated water throughout the area. In cases where contaminants are present in the water, as determined through testing, the technicians treat the water to make the water safer to handle during extraction.

Safety First During Water Mitigation Services

The inspection to look over the property looks for possible dangerous situations such as sagging ceilings or floors too wet to hold the weight of a technician and their extraction equipment. In these cases, truck-mounted units with hoses may get used to ensure the floor does not collapse. The technicians carefully inspect baseboards, insulation, cabinets, crawlspaces, ductwork as needed, and more.

Mendham residents trust SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000 among water restoration companies in the local area. The certified, trained techs are available 24/7 for any size and type of water cleanup service needed.

What are Common Actions During Fire Damage Restoration in Mendham?

1/17/2022 (Permalink)

dog looking out window of SERVPRO pickup truck Doggonit! SERVPRO barks that We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Count on us for fire damage cleanup and restoration in Mendham

SERVPRO Techs Have Vast Experience Handling Mendham Fire Cleanup

Among the many types of home disasters in Mendham, housefire cleanup is one of the kinds that homeowners should never attempt on their own. There are ways those innocent self-cleaning techniques can worsen fire and smoke damage.

During a fire damage restoration job in a Mendham property, there are many common actions SERVPRO technicians undertake. Before the cleanup can begin,  the technicians communicate with First Responders regarding known hazards within the party and confirm it is safe to enter.

Scoping the Damage in the home

The inspection during the fire cleanup by SERVPRO covers several layers of the restoration service. Not only are the techs ascertaining the safety to work within the structure but also:

  • Articles and building materials that need removal for disposal or cleaning
  • Areas of the home requiring controlled demolition
  • Portions of the property needing water extraction services and drying
  • Places that need temporary repairs or security measures taken

Controlled Demolition

Unfortunately, this action is often a large part of the fire cleanup process. Severely smoke-damaged or charred building materials have no potential for reuse through even the advanced cleaning methods employed by SERVPRO. The technicians carefully remove the minimum needed.

Air Quality Measures

While the odor from a grill on steak night smells great, a house post-fire smells horrible. SERVPRO technicians work to remove smoke damage and odors from homes as part of the restoration service. This phase of the mitigation can include running air scrubbers during the cleanup and the use of odor control equipment specifically designed to eradicate odorous soot particles.


Our SERVPRO location offers a general contractor license #13VH06013000. It can offer local property owners the option to have the technicians move from the restoration service to perform any repairs the home needs to remove all traces that a housefire occurred.

SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000 is the company that Mendham residents trust for fire damage restoration services.

Why Not Handle Mold Damage in My Randolph Property – Do I Need Professional Assistance?

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

mold and water damage on ceiling and walls SERVPRO offers better than DIY mold remediation for Randolph area homes and businesses. We apply antimicrobial agents, once and done.

Skilled Mold Damage Restoration in Randolph Generates Best Results

The rainy season, a lack of ventilation, and other reasons for increased moisture in your home all bring the potential for black mold development. While many Randolph property owners may think bathroom or basement mold is a primary concern, the truth is that mold only needs moisture, the right temperature, and organic materials to feed on to thrive. SERVPRO wants potential customers to know that there are many reasons to enlist the help of professionals to handle pesky mold colonization developing in your home.

Why Hire SERVPRO for Mold Damage in Randolph?

Not only do we arrive quickly with proven processes to facilitate your mold restoration project, but we also go over the many ways professional service is best. These are just a few of the reasons to contact highly-trained mold specialists when you suspect damage developing in your home:

  • Restore the property safely – Your instinct might be to begin cleaning noticeable mold on your own. However, spraying, wiping, and disturbing mold spores can make problems worse. Not only does this cause the spores to become airborne to travel into other areas of your house, but you also run the risk of developing potential health effects. SERVPRO’s technicians know how to carefully remove spores, clean all areas, and thoroughly disinfect and sanitize.
  • Avoid costly damage – Mold spores can slip into your HVAC system and small crevices and cracks throughout the home. The fungi eat away at carpeting, drywall, and even your structural elements if left unchecked. Professionals know how to perform detailed, thorough remediation and restoration to keep costs low.
  • Prevent future mold infestations – By addressing the mold infiltration root cause, SERVPRO technicians help you to prevent infestations in the future. We look at moisture-prone areas, advise duct cleaning, and help to sanitize all surfaces before we wrap up the mold damage project.

Why trust anyone else with your mold damage when you have a trusted team like SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County? We are available 24/7 for prompt response by calling (973) 895-5000.

What is Water Mitigation? Mendham Residents Deserve Well-Rounded Restoration Services!

12/28/2021 (Permalink)

WATER BLISTER IN CEILING AND WALL SERVPRO can puncture the water damaged ceiling in this Mendham home to remove the water and then begin the water damage mitigation

Mendham Water Mitigation Restoration Project Goes Smoothly with SERVPRO

It is essential to know that all water restoration projects must include water mitigation steps. What is water mitigation? This is the initial step for the process to handle water damage in any building, commercial or residential. Proper mitigation with the help of our SERVPRO crew prevents further damage to your Mendham from taking place. Our steps include:

  • Water removal services
  • In-depth moisture control
  • Controlled demolition (as needed)
  • Structural drying

When it comes to water mitigation in Mendham, you can think of it as our emergency response to help contain the initial impact of the water emergency. Once we get in and start working, we help minimize secondary water damage like:

  • Crumbled drywall
  • Bleeding dyes or rust development from furnishings
  • Buckling, cupping, or warping floors
  • Moisture migration into unaffected zones
  • Widespread mold growth

Know the Difference: Water Mitigation vs. Water Restoration

It is a common misconception that mitigation and restoration are the same. Mitigation is the first line of defense, preventing any further damage from taking place. Restoration is the next phase of restoring your property and contents to pre-water event conditions. With water restoration, our IICRC-certified technicians work to:

  • Restore any damaged structural areas
  • Mold remediation
  • Conducting humidity and moisture tests
  • Sanitizing and cleaning affected property
  • Controlled demolition, as needed

Any water damage, even an overflowing tub or spill in your kitchen, calls for fast action. Leaving water and moisture unaddressed for a long time leads to structural issues and a host of other complications. SERVPRO features the latest technologies and proven methods to get your home back to normal, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County is your ally when you need prompt, reliable water mitigation services. You can request help online or give us a call 24/7 for emergency service at (973) 895-5000.

How Destructive Can Winter Weather Conditions Be to Randolph Properties?

12/22/2021 (Permalink)

snow covered house SERVPRO says--winterize your Randolph home against ice dams on the roof and frozen pipes with correct insulation and temperatures

Early steps reduce water damage to Randolph homes in the winter

The winter months can welcome a wide range of weather conditions for Morris County, and our SERVPRO team must work fast when this storm damage or subsequent water damage overwhelms a home.

Avoiding the Costly Damage of the Winter Season

Among the greatest concerns for the winter season are frozen pipes and ice damming on Randolph homes. When left unchallenged and unresolved, these conditions can become costly, destructive situations for property owners. Here are a few preventative measures can be taken to ensure that the worst of these effects do not threaten your household. These include:

  • Installing Better Insulation – Plumbing exposed to harsh temperatures should be covered with insulation to keep the pipes warmer and less directly affected by colder conditions. 
  • Keeping Pipes Exposed to Warm Air – It is important to make sure the pipes likely to freeze are surrounded by warmer air whenever possible. Open cabinets and doors provide an easier path for this air to reach sensitive plumbing.
  • Protecting the Roof from Ice Formation – Preventing ice formations on the roof eaves is a combination of multiple steps property owners can take. The first and most direct of these is the installation of heated cables over this susceptible area. Make sure that the attic has adequate and uniform insulation.

Restoring Your Home After Water Damages

When you do not address these potential problems in time, severe damage can result to the property. When burst pipes or flooding in the attic become urgent situations, SERVPRO is here to help. We have leading restoration equipment and experienced personnel to address immediate concerns like standing water, saturated structural elements, and damaged contents.

The winter months can be heavily damaging to area homes, especially during cold snaps with extreme temperature drops. Our SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County team appreciates the urgency of fast and reliable restoration when disasters occur, and we mobilize fast after the first notice of loss. We are here to help 24/7 at (973) 895-5000.

Mendham Business Owners Benefit Greatly from Professional Fire Cleanup

12/10/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technicians Call SERVPRO after you experience a fire incident, we have training in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery & fabric cleaning.

SERVPRO Handles Commercial Fire Damage with Ease – Call Us to Your Mendham Business for Cleanup!

Restoring your Mendham business to pre-fire conditions is imperative, especially if you want to limit the devastating that fire and smoke damage can bring. Some repercussions stem from operations coming to a halt, so having skilled restoration technicians handy to address the cleanup is very beneficial. SERVPRO works on both fire-damaged homes and area businesses to handle all of your commercial restoration needs. Regardless of the industry, our team is happy to tailor our efforts to get you the best possible result. 

If you need commercial fire cleanup in Mendham, there are several essential factors your restoration team should have. Some of the elements that set us apart from the rest at SERVPRO includes:

  • Experience – Because there are many types of fire damage and soot residues, you want a company that can adjust and adapts accordingly to each situation. SERVPRO has qualified fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) that can tackle your need for inventory control, content cleaning, hazardous conditions, and everything else to make your commercial location “Like it never even happened.”
  • Industry Expertise and Certifications – Professionals handle it best when it comes to water & fire restorations. Our IICRC-certified technicians are trained and up-to-date on the latest equipment and trends to handle every phase of fire damage cleanup and fine restoration details.
  • Equipment and Advanced Technology – Powerful extractors, HEPA filtration, and thermal fogging are just a few of the tools in our arsenal. Our Green Fleet of vehicles comes packed with the best industry tools, cleaning agents, and equipment to handle fire restorations, big and small.

Do you need emergency fire cleanup at your business? You can reach SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County 24/7 by calling (973) 895-5000.

Randolph Homeowners Benefit from Skilled Water Restoration Companies Like SERVPRO

11/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO has the equipment and skilled technicians to help get your home back in shape after a water mishap.

Experience and Technology Make SERVPRO a Top Choice for Water Restoration Companies in the Randolph Area

Burst pipes or a faulty washing machine hose could lead to a big mess and costly water damage without the proper methods of clean up. When you have a water-related emergency that comes up at your Randolph property calling the skilled water restoration technicians at SERVPRO will get you quality, efficient results. Not only do we have the level of experience you need, but we are also available for 24/7 emergency response. This brings you great peace of mind that your property will get back to normal fast. 

Why call on companies like SERVPRO to your Randolph home for water restoration? There are many working parts for any flood restoration or water damage project. Having a team onsite with the capability to get everything cleaned up and dried in a timely manner makes a world of difference.

SERVPRO takes time to plan out each emergency services water damage project to help us achieve our goals as quickly as possible. We will also keep our clients informed of each step and work with your insurance provider to help you streamline the claims process. 

Keep SERVPRO's contact information handy, and we can be there when you need us for:

  • Rapid Response Times – We know that emergencies are not always taking place during working hours. We are available nights, weekends, and holidays, 24/7 – We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, arriving within hours of your call!
  • Highly-Trained IICRC-Certified Technicians – We have water restoration technicians (WRT) and odor control technicians (OCT) using all the latest techniques to make your interior “Like it never even happened.”
  • Restoration vs. Replacement – Our crew works under the motto to restore versus replace whenever possible, saving you money on the project.

For water restoration companies, SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County is ready whenever you need us for water removal services, drying, and more. Call us to dispatch our Green Fleet at (973) 895-5000.

Skilled Fire Restoration Cuts Back on Loss and Stress After a Randolph House Fire

11/19/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Illustration with SERVPRO logo You need a team you can trust after a fire strikes in your home. Call SERVPRO right away.

Randolph Residents Can Count on SERVPRO for Fast, Efficient Fire Restoration Service

Something Randolph homeowners may not realize is that there can be immense hidden damage after a house fire. Soot and smoke particles make their way through the air into the HVAC system and leave behind odors reminding you of the fire that took place. Additionally, there will also be chemicals, water, and moisture often left behind from crews putting out the fire at the scene. Bring these elements together and add structural damage, debris cleanup, and materials replacement; it is easy to see why hiring a skilled team like SERVPRO is the best action. We are here for all of your water & fire damage restorations!

SERVPRO takes each fire restoration job in Randolph seriously, formulating a tailored plan to match the makeup of the property, the scope of the damage, and other unique factors. When it comes to handling house fire clean up, the expertise of our technicians speaks for itself. Because restoration is never one-size-fits-all, we use our proven processes to ensure your property gets restored “Like it never even happened.”

The type of cleaning methods we use depends on the specific project, but they might include:

  • Washing or hand-rinsing contents that cannot get saturated
  • Absorption powders for pieces that may be too fragile for cleaning with chemicals or agitation
  • Dry or wet cleaning using soft cloths or brushes
  • Foam cleaning methods for pieces that cannot take excessive moisture
  • Thermal foggers that bond with odorous particles, allowing for easier removal
  • Small-item immersion cleaning for items that cannot handle total saturation

No matter the cause or scope of the fire, SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County is here for all of your restoration needs. Give us a call for emergency response at (973) 895-500, and we will have a crew dispatched within hours.

How Can Mendham Property Owners Lessen Water Removal Costs?

11/5/2021 (Permalink)

a water damaged ceiling When commercial water damage happens, quick actions will help. Contact our certified and experienced SERVPRO team right away for help.

SERVPRO Helps Mendham Businesses Plan For Water Removal and Receive Faster Service

Mendham businesses facing water loss on commercial properties typically deal with incidents of moisture buildup that have accumulated over several days, weeks, or even months. Slow leaks that are not quickly identified and mitigated can create a thriving environment for mold and costly structural damages.

SERVPRO professionals respond to commercial water removal calls in Mendham 24/7, including holidays, to lessen the potential impact of a disaster. This firm also coordinates with local businesses to create an easy-to-implement Emergency READY Profile Plan --ERP--that helps staff and property owners act fast when disaster strikes.

Water Mitigation Strategies for Commercial Property Owners

One of the most damaging aspects of water loss on commercial properties is moisture migration. As water penetrates porous surfaces and travels across nonporous ones, it seeps into wood framing, sheetrock, subfloors, and insulation, where it can continue to spread. Over time, these materials lose structural integrity and can break down without professional mitigation.

SERVPRO restoration technicians can:

  • Remove excess moisture with portable or truck-mounted extractors depending on the scale of the disaster
  • Dry surfaces with powerful air movement and dehumidification equipment
  • Safely sanitize surfaces with OSHA-approved biocides
  • Remove unsalvageable materials and debris caused by water damage
  • Implement structural repairs and replace materials like drywall, insulation, and carpeting

SERVPRO’s experience restoring water-damaged commercial properties, from restaurants and offices to multi-family residential units and warehouses, ensures that business owners receive cleanup performed per restoration industry standards and local sanitation codes.

Call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000 for “Like it never even happened” repair and replacement services.

Who Can Randolph Property Owners Call for Safe Mold Remediation?

10/29/2021 (Permalink)

a person peeling back wallpaper with mold underneath of it Found mold? Team SERVPRO can quickly investigate the extent of the infestation and remediate the mold damage in your home. We are here 24/7 to help.

Randolph SERVPRO Professionals Perform 24/7 Mold Remediation and Restoration Services

As of 2021, home mold remediation can cost homeowners in Randolph and elsewhere in the United States an average of $2,347. That translates to anywhere from $13 to $28 per square foot, with small-scale cleanup costing approximately $458 on average, while large-scale situations average $6,333.

SERVPRO strives to save Randolph homeowners with mold remediation that is timely and restoration-focused to preserve structures and contents where possible. SERVPRO’s repertoire of build-back services means that home mold cleanup does not stop at removing spores from a property.

SERVPRO’s Training Provides Techs with the Knowledge Necessary to Preserve Mold-Affected Homes

SERVPRO technicians, franchise owners, and staff all receive comprehensive initial training in such restoration topics as:

  • Fire Restoration
  • Water Restoration
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Restoration technicians can also pursue further education and certification opportunities for mold remediation and other mitigating specialties that align with current Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) best practices. SERVPRO’s e-Learning modules allow techs and other franchise employees to improve their restoration know-how at their own pace.

Franchise owners also receive 15 days of hands-on training at SERVPRO’s Corporate Training Facility to help their communities with restoration. This program includes topics like Fire and Water Restoration, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning, and Mold Mitigation.

Additional credit and noncredit educational opportunities are available for SERVPRO staff and other local professionals, particularly those who work in such industries as real estate or insurance claims adjustment.

SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County can render “Like it never even happened” levels of cleanup when property owners call (973) 895-5000.