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What Secondary Damage Can Occur After a Leak?

10/16/2020 (Permalink)

Hands holding home Trust that your home is in good hands with the experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

A Leak in Your Randolph Home Can Cause Secondary Damage That Only a Professional Team Can Help You Address.

A burst pipe in your Randolph home can cause a dramatic event or leak for some time before you notice what's happening. The water compromises your walls, personal belongings, and other structural elements in your home. Rather than take a wait-and-see approach, take the proactive step of calling a water restoration technician before secondary damage erupts.

SERVPRO is at your service for water cleanup services for homes in Randolph. Our team is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to apply industry best practices to help restore your home. The dangers of leaving water unattended are far beyond cosmetic. In some cases, the excess humidity can cause mold to grow, becoming a threat to your health. To prevent future problems, call our 24/7 hotline and let us put our expertise to work for you.

What can I do before professionals arrive?

If water is seeping into your carpets and flooring, you may want to elevate your items if possible. Our SERVPRO team has all the necessary equipment to help you do this and the capability of boxing and moving things out of your home as needed. When the damage isn't as extensive, we may set up a staging area in another part of your home where your belongings are safe from absorbing any more water. Another step you may take is to ventilate the site as much as possible and soak up excess moisture with a wet/dry vacuum if available. Once we arrive, you can see our staff use a combination of some of the following techniques-

Drying mats to extract excess water from hardwood materials 

Injectidry to circulate warm air within wall cavities and protect your walls

Wand extractors to remove water from hard-to-reach corners

The size of the leak does not matter when it comes down to protecting your home. SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County is here to help when you need us. Call us at (973) 895-5000 and we will leave your home, "Like it never even happened." 

What Can Happen If My Fiberglass Insulation Gets Wet After a Storm In My Randolph Home?

10/16/2020 (Permalink)

Mold and water spots on an attic wall. Storm damage to your insulation can be problematic, so let SERVPRO take the lead.

For Flood Removal After Building Materials Inside Your Randolph Home Get Wet, Call SERVPRO

After a storm strikes the Randolph area, moisture can find its way into your house once the water starts getting deep outside. H2O can enter your home from a leaky roof or rise from the ground. Once moisture enters your dwelling, it will first build up on your floor, and then it can start soaking into your wall cavities.

Does my insulation get ruined if it gets wet?

During flood removal in Randolph, our SERVPRO technicians know that the R-value of some types of insulation can be decreased if your fiberglass insulation inside your walls gets wet. Fiberglass insulation is made from glass, and it can be made into batts, blankets, or loose-fill. This type of insulation is commonly found in residential buildings inside walls, ceilings, and sometimes underneath floors. Most batts of fiberglass insulation is paper-backed meaning that one side of the insulation has paper attached to the fiberglass.

Can my fiberglass insulation be restored after it gets wet? 

According to industry standards, fiberglass insulation and its paper backing can be dried out and restored if it gets wet, and the source is category one or clean water. However, moisture coming into your home after a storm is either considered a category two or three situation since there is a chance the water is contaminated by harmful fungi, bacteria, viruses, or parasites coming in from the outdoors. Therefore, when dealing with "grey" or "black" water, our SERVPRO crew can remove or replace your insulation if it gets wet.

How can you dry out my wall cavity after the insulation gets removed?

  • Flood Cuts: We can cut your drywall a foot or two above your floor and use air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out your wall cavities.
  • Injection Drying Systems: We can use injection driers that push air into your wall cavities through holes that are drilled into your drywall.

If you ever think that moisture made its way inside your walls after a storm, call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000 24 hours a day.

What Information Is Good To Have When Planning To Restore Fire-Damaged Upholstery?

8/15/2020 (Permalink)

cab of a fire truck SERVPRO Cleans the Fire Truck Upholstery along with Yours at Home in Randolph

SERVPRO Helps Whenever Unique Fire Damage Restoration Needs Arise in Randolph Properties

As a fire ravages your property, upholstery items are among the most vulnerable valuables likely to sustain significant damages. If the damages are salvageable, you need to know the right steps to take to restore the items to their preloss state. SERVPRO offers professional restoration of damaged upholstery in Randolph homes.

What ruins upholstery items during home fires?

Fire damage restoration in Randolph properties can run smoother when you understand some crucial details, such as how various damages develop. Over the years, our SERVPRO technicians have identified some common sources of damages in upholstery items, including:

  • Exposure of items to heat or flames
  • Splashing of water or firefighting chemicals on the items
  • Soot and other residues accumulating on item surfaces
  • Dyes running leading to stains

Damage from heat or flames is more likely to be permanent since it changes the physical attributes of the affected material. For instance, deep charring, melting, shrinking, or dripping are some of the irreversible changes that can happen when extreme heat interacts with upholstery materials.

Other problems such as soot deposit, dyes running and interaction with firefighting chemicals may be reversed depending on the extent of damage, or the type of response mounted. Our SERVPRO technicians can help with most of the issues since they receive advanced training and IICRC certification in upholstery and fabric cleaning.

How easy is it to restore salvageable upholstery items to preloss state?

Restoration may involve cleaning, resurfacing, or other processes. If the only issue you identify is soiling, cleaning can help restore them to the preloss state. The main factors that influence the steps you need to take include:

  • The level of soiling
  • Kind of fiber that makes up the fabric
  • Type of fabric weave

As the smoke spreads around a property, soot and other residues accumulate on the surfaces of upholstery items. Some of the residues also penetrate beyond the surface of the material, thus increasing the level of soiling. Soils can also vary in physical traits and may be classified as dry, wet, or even oily, depending on the properties they exhibit. 

What determines the level of soiling on upholstery items after a fire?

  • Types of materials the fire burns
  • The intensity of the fire
  • The procedures used to quell the fire

Some of the byproducts of a fire, including soot and smoke, are generated by incomplete combustion of materials. Therefore, fires that burn less intensely are likely to leave your items with heavier soiling. Such fires are also responsible for wet smoke, complicating the soiling further.

Soiling can also depend on the type of materials affected by the fire. Natural materials like wood burn easily, leaving minimal residues. Such materials also produce dry smoke that settles on surfaces, which, unlike wet smoke, is easier to remove using mechanical procedures such as wiping or vacuuming the affected surface.

How does the type of fabric weave affect the cleaning process?

There are several categories of woven fabrics used in upholstery items, including:

  • Basket weave
  • Plain weave
  • Satin weave
  • Twill weave
  • Pile weave

Our SERVPRO technicians identify the type of weave before starting cleaning procedures. Some categories, such as plain, twill, and basket weaves, can withstand aggressive cleaning procedures during restoration without sustaining damages. A satin weave, on the other hand, has low abrasion resistance and strength, thus requiring gentler cleaning approaches.

Another issue with fabrics is the changes that cleaning procedures might introduce. Some fabrics are prone to shrinking, cellulose browning and color bleeding, among other issues. Such problems can worsen the damage from the fire or create new problems.

How does SERVPRO overcome the challenges when cleaning upholstery?

Our technicians are highly trained in handling upholstery items. One area covered by such training is proper testing of the materials we intend to restore. Performing tests on small patches of the material before we embark on cleaning, or other restorative steps, helps us confirm whether issues such as dyes bleeding, shrinking, or browning are likely to occur.

We have specialized upholstery-cleaning machines that help fine-tune the cleaning process by regulating the application of cleaning agents, the amount of heat used and ensure thorough rinsing. We also regulate the drying process to prevent problems that can develop due to extended exposure to moisture. Placing the items in a well-ventilated area or using air movers to improve the drying process eliminates problems like browning.

Saving your precious upholstery items after a fire has several advantages. SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County can help you in many ways to achieve this objective. Call us at (973) 895-5000. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Whom Can I Call to Extract Water from my Home Quickly?

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck in  drveway of home Our team is always ready to go to handle your water loss event.

Only a Water Restoration Technician has all the Tools Necessary to Extract Water from your Randolph Home

Randolph homeowners may think of a water leak only in terms of the inconvenience it causes, ignoring the impact of standing water. Every minute we allow water to sit after it leaks, we let it damage our flooring, cabinets, and walls. Calling a water restoration technician for expert advice is the first step in protecting your home and your family's health.

In Randolph, water mitigation services are our specialty at SERVPRO. Our technicians focus not only on removing water and drying your home; we also mitigate conditions favorable to the growth of bacteria and repair your home so you can enjoy it once again. Because time is important when a leak springs, our technicians are available around the clock to remove water and any ensuing cleanup.

How damaging can a leak be?

When our sink or bathtub leaks, it may appear insignificant. Many of us homeowners think we can mop the excess water and leave it at that, however, if water seeps into your drywall. Underneath a cabinet or into your floors, you could face complex issues in the future. It is not uncommon for our SERVPRO team to receive a call due to a musty smell or ceiling discoloration. Both can be the result of an old water leak. Our technicians specialize in structural issues and odor control, and we can evaluate the damage once we arrive at your home. 

You can avoid future problems by reaching out to our SERVPRO crew as soon as the water loss incident happens. With time on our side, we can use one or several of the following techniques to dry your home-

  • Injectidry technology which lets us dry wall cavities and behind cabinets
  • Drying mats to protect your flooring from delaminating or buckling
  • Wand extractors to dry even the hard-to-reach corners of your home

Please do not sell short the impact of a leak, however small it is. Call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000 as soon as you can. We work hard to mitigate your loss of time and money and leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

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What is the Difference Between Getting Water Cleanup Done By My Regular Randolph Janitorial Crew and a Professional Restoration Service?

7/24/2020 (Permalink)

A large room with windows with water on the floor, and falling into a trashcan. SERVPRO has what your commercial water damage needs in Randolph, call us today.

SERVPRO Has The Training and Experienced Skills You Need For Your Randolph Water Damage.

While your regular janitorial service might do a great job keeping your property clean, they may not have the professional equipment needed to successfully locate and extract the water wherever it migrated within the structure. When a commercial water loss happens in your Randolph retail business, most property owners want four main things to occur:  

  • Fast cleanup  
  • Save as much stock as possible  
  • No residual odors left behind
  • Lessen the time needed to close

Do I Have to Wait Until the Next Business Day to Start Commercial Water Damage Cleanup?  

As soon as a commercial water damage situation gets discovered in your Randolph property, it is time to schedule SERVPRO to begin the cleanup. The certified technicians arrive within hours of your initial call and are available 365 days a year around the clock, because the longer an elevated moisture situation remains on the premises, the more potential for a loss occurs. 

Core Differences Between a Great Janitorial Cleanup and Great Restoration Services

When you have water damage affecting your commercial property, bringing in a professional restoration company is crucial because your regular cleaning service does not possess the types of devices and equipment necessary for a successful outcome from water loss such as:   

  • Various types of moisture detection equipment for use on different surface types  
  • Professional water removal units to extract even embedded moisture
  • Drying equipment for different areas of the property
  • Odor control methods that extend beyond scent-covering sprays
  • Proactive mold treatments

After the water removal phase of cleanup, the drying phase of mitigation in your store needs to occur rapidly. SERVPRO technicians scope the property and identify items that may get affected by elevated interior humidity, such as computer equipment, documents, and paperwork and stock stored on-site. In cases where the situation demands removal of the articles to another area, the techs make a note of the precise location of every piece that gets moved, so when the restoration services complete, there is little to no disruption to regular business operations when you are open again for business. 

The Right Type of Drying Equipment Gets the Job Done Faster  

The crew that does regular cleanup for your business may have access to a large number of fans, but these only work to dry the top surfaces. SERVPRO technicians have specific types of drying devices, depending on the area within the commercial property that requires it. In cases where baseboards get removed, but the walls remain intact, the Injecti-Dry system is an ideal choice as it forces warm, dry air into small spaces. When flooring or subfloor gets affected by water loss, drying mats assist in the removal of moisture. The most common equipment used by the techs is their fleet of air movers. This type of machinery is not a fan; it blows air at a high velocity and causes a reaction that forces embedded moisture to the surface where dehumidification units capture and port it away. These professional-grade devices for drying a structure and contents is one of the biggest reasons for outsourcing the cleanup of your property. 

Water has its own musty odor calling-card that gets left behind. Treating with cover-up treatments is not a solution. The techs bring state of the art treatments such as thermal fogging to ensure that any remaining residual odors get eradicated and not merely covered up. 

Clear Communication During and After the Process  

A water loss event that halts operations can feel overwhelming. One thing you do not want to have to deal with is wondering what exactly happened during the cleanup of your building. SERVPRO technicians document and communicate with both property owners and adjusters to ensure nothing gets disposed of or moved without approval, and this further ensures that actions taken during the restoration process are within the scope of coverage. Hence, there are no surprise charges that occur.

How Fast Can Repairs Happen After Water Loss Cleanup?   

It is not unusual for sheetrock or flooring to have damage from a water loss. While SERVPRO techs have a vast array of extraction and drying equipment and cleaning solutions, sometimes building materials cannot get restored, and a certain amount of controlled demolition to remove these loss items is a standard part of the cleanup process. Once the techs finish the restoration services, they can move directly into performing any needed repairs or even large-scale reconstruction as they hold a general contractor license #13VH06013000. 

SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000 for fast and reliable commercial water damage cleanup and restoration. The certified techs are available 24/7 to make the loss to your property "Like it never even happened."

Can I Put Off Water Damage Repair at My Randolph House Until I Research How to Manage without Help?

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged room; flood cuts in wall, SERVPRO restoration equipment being used Sometimes we need to make flood cuts into drywall to remediate water damage. This enables us to ensure the structure has thoroughly dried.

Water Damage Repair Can Be Complicated in Randolph, Which Is Why SERVPRO's Comprehensive Expertise is So Beneficial 

Sometimes water damage sneaks up on you, a tiny leak slowly saturating the subfloor and walls beneath and surrounding your Randoph bathroom. Cracks in caulking plus daily showers and tub splashing provide the pathway and the moisture. Once you notice the staining on the ceiling and the peeling paint weeks or months could have passed. Admittedly a bit more time before fixing the problems cannot matter, right? 

Why Is an Immediate Response Recommended When Water Damage Is Suspected? 

You might not have the time you think to respond when you finally notice the need for long term water damage repair in Randolph. Once the water has migrated through cracks in grout or caulk, into wood subfloors and framing, and finally stains the ceiling below, several concerning things already have happened: 

  • Wooden supports, including the bathroom subfloor, have swelled, distorted, and weakened
  • Liquid water has collected above the ceiling or between walls and might cause a collapse
  • Ceiling tile or the drywall has deteriorated and might break, crumble, or fall at any time
  • Metal fasteners have rusted and lost strength
  • Mold growth might have begun deep inside cavities  

What Can Experts Do That I Cannot? 

Trained and experienced project managers and technicians are our most valuable resource, why SERVPRO can complete an accurate assessment and plan for a successful outcome every time. Although we treat each water damage repair inquiry individually, we likely have seen similar problems and use that familiarity and industry best practices to craft a plan that swiftly makes it "Like it never even happened." A do-it-yourself response to long-term, cumulative damage can start optimistically and grind to a halt as one complication after another stymies the homeowner. 

Offering the full spectrum of water damage repair, from assessment to reconstruction, is why SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County stands out among homeowners' solutions facing a loss. Call us at (973) 895-5000 for the assistance needed now.

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Contractor Licenses:

General: 13VH06013000

Why Is Tearing Down Part of My Property Suggested When I Expected Professionals to Fix Flood Damage in My Randolph Home?

7/6/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Tech. talking to home owner After your home suffers flood damage, you need a team of professionals to assist you with cleanup. Call SERVPRO right away! We are always available.

SERVPRO Uses Research-Based, Proven Strategies to Remove All the Water and Normalize Moisture Levels After Flood Damage In Randolph

After a severe storm passes, your Randolph home is awash in flood water. Overland flooding pushes muck, debris, and sewage and chemical contaminated fluids into your first and lower levels. Roof, window, or siding damage can allow water to pour inside and cascade down walls or stairs to collect in building cavities or on the lowest floors. You need help getting the silt and the water out of your home, but some of the methods a professional restoration company uses to achieve this goal might surprise you.

What Creates the Need for Controlled Demolition?

Water is the agent of disaster when flood damage strikes your Randolph residence. It acts as blunt force, driving the muddy onslaught through ground-level windows and doors. Its pressure can knock walls over and push contents into disarray. Once it settles inside, the flood water seeks cracks and crevices, infiltrating porous materials and invading building cavities. It cannot be left to drain or dry out over days or weeks as corrodes building materials. If moisture encounters molds spores, chances are good that microbial growth and damage follows.

What is Controlled Demolition, and How Can It Help with Flood Damage Recovery?

SERVPRO technicians begin with extraction of visible water, moving on to locate trapped fluid using tools and techniques mastered during the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training. Once we pinpoint the problem, we use the following to release water and open the wet space for applied structural drying:

  • Flood cuts -- sawed into drywall several inches above the floodline, permitting extraction of water and direction of moving, warm air to dry
  • Holes drilled under the baseboard or through mortar joints -- allowing insertion of hoses for negative air pressure for suction and positive air pressure for drying

Who Rebuilds the Demolition?

Our construction division takes on the repair and rebuilding. Licensed workers  make the limited demolition ready for repainting or refinishing, “Like it never even happened.”

Rely on the experts at SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County to guide you out of the chaos of flood damage. Call us at (973) 895-5000 to set the restoration into motion.

Contractor Licenses:

General: 13VH06013000

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What Can Simplify Fire Restoration In My Randolph Home?

6/21/2020 (Permalink)

damaged building roof from burning fire Contact the professionals immediately when facing fire damage in your home. Team SERVPRO will assess and remediate.

SERVPRO Helps Organize the Restoration Process Guaranteeing Better or Faster Outcomes

After a fire affects your home, restoration is necessary to make it safe or comfortable for occupation. Based on the severity of the fire, the restoration process in your Randolph home can be challenging or take time to complete. Finding ways to simplify the exercise is, therefore, essential. Alternatively, you can also involve a team of professionals such as SERVPRO to help with the restoration.

What is unique about fire restoration done by professionals in Randolph? 

Although professionals rely on sophisticated fire restoration methods in Randolph, there are many simple things they do that help complete the process conveniently. They include:

  • Deeper understanding and choice of cleaning products
  • Appropriate use of cleaning methods 
  • Preventing secondary problems
  • Testing before starting the restoration 

A significant chunk of the restoration work in Randolph, after a fire incident, involves cleaning surfaces and contents to remove soot, tar, and other smoke residues. Apart from covering vast areas of your property, the soils may adhere to some materials making the removal process challenging. One approach that simplifies cleanup is using products that counter the physical traits of the soil. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on concepts such as "like dissolves like" to choose the right cleaning product.

"Like dissolves like," how does that help?

The soils left on surfaces and materials may have different shades of color ranging from yellow, grey, brown, or black. However, the differences go beyond the visual representation because the soils can be:

  • Hydrophilic 
  • Hydrophobic 
  • Lipophilic 
  • Lipophobic 

Hydrophilic residues readily dissolve in water, while lipophilic ones require oil-based cleaning products. Hydrophobic and lipophobic soils do not dissolve in water or oil-based cleaning products, respectively. Our SERVPRO technicians perform some tests at the loss area, establishing the qualities of the soils that we need to remove, thus ensuring the cleaning products we pick work faster.

Which tests help ease the restoration of fire-damaged valuables? 

Tests that help differentiate residue types and identify the physical traits of the affected materials are necessary to establish whether restoration is possible as well as the best approaches to execute such renovation. Tests can vary from something as easy as running a cleaning sponge along wall surfaces to establish residue spread patterns, to other sophisticated tests that established the type of material or level of deterioration. When restoring upholstery items and carpet, such tests are crucial because apart from helping ease the restoration process, they also prevent the problem from worsening. Some typical tests include: 

  • Fiber type test 
  • Colorfastness test
  • Level of soiling test
  • Stain resistance test

Does the choice of a cleaning method interfere with the restoration process?

Even after identifying the soils, and the physical traits of the materials they affect, choosing the wrong cleaning procedure can lead to challenges. One aspect of restorative cleaning is the agitation of soiled surfaces or materials. Several methods of agitation can help remove soils, including the use of wiping cloths, brushes, air pressure, and water pressure.  For loose soils on porous materials, our technicians use air pressure agitation, such as contact vacuuming, which ensures that the residues do not penetrate deeper into the material. For items that require immersion, we can use sophisticated forms of agitation such as ultrasonic cleaning, which utilizes sound waves to create and implode millions of bubbles, which remove soils conveniently. 

Sometimes the processes meant to restore affected materials can cause additional damages or even ruin the item permanently. When cleaning carpets or upholstery, there is a possibility of water stains forming due to over-wetting or drying the materials slowly.  To control stains from over-wetting, our technicians use peroxide water stain removers to reverse the damage. Slow drying is rarely a problem since we manage the drying process by setting up air movers and dehumidifiers close to the wet items to expedite drying.

Can decluttering help improve the restoration process?

In most cases, properties are disorganized or full of clutter after fire damage, which can delay the restoration processes. Removing some materials helps create room to maneuver. Our SERVPRO technicians can help move your contents to an offsite facility for storage or specialized cleaning, which helps declutter the loss site and safeguard your valuables. 

We use different approaches to make such move-outs convenient, including packing items by room and separating wet and dry items. Such precautions also help improve the outcome of the restoration process. For instance, we can prevent damage transfer by separating wet and dry items. Packing items from the same areas also helps in locating items with similar damage when cleaning up or performing other restoration processes.

SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County has various resources that can help in the restoration of fire-damaged properties in Mendham, Mendham Boro, and Chester. Call us at (973) 895-5000. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

My Toilet Overflowed – What Do I Do Now?

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

leaking bathroom pipe Having water damage issues with a possible sewage one too? Call the pros from SERVPRO to mitigate your water damage needs in your Randolph home.

Your SERVPRO Water Damage Professionals in Randolph Have the Answers You Need to Handle Your Flooded Bathroom

Immediate mitigation is the key to any water loss, and a toilet overflow situation is no different. The cause of the overflow determines the course of action taken by the SERVPRO experts in Randolph. You may be dealing with water spill only or a combination of water and sewage.

Why do I need a rapid response to a simple toilet flooding?

You may have only water damage in your Randolph home, or it can involve sewage as well. Either way, immediate mitigation is critical. Problems resulting from a bathroom flood can include:

  • Water damage to the floor and underlying floorboards
  • Sewage spill that leaves a mess that is difficult to clean, and is contaminated
  • Odor problems that can be a result of the sewage or wet material
  • Ceiling staining and damage
  • Water seeping under cabinets, toilet bases or tubs

How Does SERVPRO Deal with the Bathroom Flooding?

First, our rapid response team accesses the water loss and determines the exact steps needed to deal with your unique problem. If the spillage resulted from a ruptured water line or cracked toilet tank, then the water is category one, clean water.  Removing excess water to prevent further damage is one of the initial steps taken. Other actions can include:

  • Sewage removal and cleanup
  • Dealing with odors – professional deodorization equipment makes sure no lingering smells remain
  • Drying out the floors, walls, and cabinets using dehumidifiers and air movers
  • Cleanup and repair flooring and ceilings that may be damaged by the overflow
  • General Contractor License #: 13VH06013000 for a seamless restoration
  • Monitoring the drying process to assure that no hidden problems occur

Our goal is to ensure that your bathroom is restored to its former state, “Like it never even happened.” Our mitigation professionals move quickly to take care of your bathroom flooding problem immediately.

Do not stress and worry if your toilet overflows. You can trust SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000 to provide professional water damage service that is Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Can I Protect My Randolph Business from Potential Water Leaks?

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

Exposed pipes in a ceiling. Water damage to your Randolph business can be hard to deal with, let SERVPRO assist you today.

As a Randolph Business Owner, There are Several Things You Can Do to Prevent Water Leaks. 

Owning a business in Randolph comes with its particular concerns and stresses.  One of the biggest of these is the ever-present threat of water leaks that could threaten your valuable inventory and continuing operations.  Luckily, there are some ways to effectively guard against this potentially catastrophic danger.  These preventative measures are relatively simple ways of avoiding water-related damage and the need for water removal services.      

What are Some Causes of Commercial Water Leaks?

Commercial water removal services in Randolph, like SERVPRO, have encountered leaks arising from numerous different sources.  These sources have ranged from the obvious to the hidden, and they include defective pipes, structural problems, malfunctioning commercial appliances, and compromised containers.  Some specific examples of where water leaks often originate are:

  • Water pipes that have burst because of freezing temperatures
  • Roof leaks resulting from snow accumulations, excessive rainfalls, and normal long-term wear and tear
  • Clogged roof drainage systems that fail to draw water away from your commercial structure
  • Appliances that are malfunctioning like a hotel’s washing machines or a restaurant’s dishwashers
  • Deteriorated water tanks and containers

Fortunately, many of these problems can be prevented merely through routine inspections and proper maintenance.

What are Some Ways I Can Prevent Destructive Water Issues at My Commercial Site? 

There are several preventative measures SERVPRO suggests business owners take to lower their risk of water damage.  The following actions significantly reduce your chances of developing a water leak:

  • Periodically having your pipes inspected and repaired by a service like SERVPRO
  • Leaving your faucets on slightly when temperatures drop below freezing
  • Quickly having large snow accumulations removed from your roof and routinely having it evaluated for leaks
  • Ensuring that your roof drainage systems are in good working order

While these precautionary steps can often save you from needing a water extraction, there are times when it is impossible to avoid a water-related catastrophe.

Whenever water leaks and related issues impact your commercial site, call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000 for assistance.

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